Primary School

We fortify the foundation in the primary years, enabling children to face any examination confidently and come out with flying colours. The curriculum is multi-dimensional in its approach. We organize instructions around themes with broad possibilities, with natural connections to other generative topics.

Teaching Methodology

Children are born explorers. Even as infants, they come to us with all the necessary equipment to be great discoverers: inquisitive eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, lips, ears, fingers and toes. This is how they learn about themselves and their world. Hence, the focus is on experiential learning rather than rote memorization. This is achieved by designing an integrated theme based curriculum which is sequentially developed to increase in complexity. To ensure that each child is impacted, the curriculum caters to diverse learning styles. The curriculum is based on recent brain research developments. In a brain-based instruction, the teacher perceives her role as one who orchestrates experience. It is teaching for active processing rather than direct instruction. The ultimate destination is growth in all facets of a child's personality- Intellect, Attitude and Ability to ensure a happy and productive childhood.

Beyond Academics

Theme based Special days, Culminating Activities, Dress up Days, Events and Field Trips are organized on regular basis to help children recapitulate and have in depth understanding of the themes/concepts.


The Centre has excellent facilities to offer to its students and they are as follows:
  • Modern Teaching Systems and Aids
  • Unique assessment tools provided in the class rooms
  • Computer Lab with Internet facilities
  • Well-equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs
  • Math, Economics and Social Science labs
  • Full-fledged Library and Language lab with latest gadgets
  • Sick Bay
  • Cafeteria
  • Basketball court, Badminton court, Volleyball court, Soccer Park, Swimming pool, Skating rink and Boxing ring.
  • Student-friendly classrooms & Interactive classroom sessions
  • Emphasis on appropriate application of scientific theories in classrooms
  • Emphasis on skill based training
  • Intensive practical training
  • An Advisory Board consisting of eminent national and international academicians & personalities from the field of education to guide pedagogical enrichment.
  • Workshops and Seminars on contemporary global trends on an on-going basis.
  • Guest lectures on diverse topics relevant to the subject of learning.
  • A structured career path to ensure career growth and development.

Exam Preparations & Results


Primary Teachers (Grades 1 & 2)
S.No. Class / Section Name Qualification
1 Coordinator Namrata Jain B.Sc, MA, B.Ed
2 1A Afreen Shoaib B.Ed, B.Sc, MSc.
3 1B Zainab Hasan B.Com, Pursuing B.Ed
4 1C Saniya Farooqui BBA, M.Com, Persuing B.Ed
5 1D Asra Masood B.Com, B.Ed
6 1E Gunjan Gogia B.Com
7 1F Abida Aziz B.Sc(Microbiology), Pursuing M.Sc
8 2A Snigdha E Samuel M.Sc (BIOTECH), PGDCA, B.Ed
9 2B Sugandha Gupta B.Com, M.Com
10 2C Rehana B.Com, M.Com , B.Ed
11 2D Isha Chugh B.Com,MBA
12 2E Archana Kekre B.Com, LLM, B.Ed
13 2F Gayathri Ramachandran B.Com ,DISM,B.ED
14 2G Smitha Sreekumar B.Pharm
15 Hindi Ankita Matlani BHSC, MHSC
Ranjeeta Tiwari DCA, B.Ed, MA (Hindi), MA (History)
16 Art Lubna Siddiqui M.Sc, B.Ed
17 Computer Raveena Tanwani BCA, B.Ed
Primary Teachers (Grades 3 & 4)
S.No. Class / Section Name Qualification
1 Coordinator Neeta Sabharwal ( Coordinator ) B.A; M.A ( Economics ); B.Ed
2 3 A Kuldeep Kaur B.Sc ; M.Sc ; B.Ed
3 3 B Sushma Rawat B.Com ; M.A ( Economics, English ) ; B.Ed
4 3 C Shilpa Madhwani B.Com ; B.Ed
5 3 D Amreena S Khan B.Com ; B.Ed, MA (English)
6 3 E Garima Rijhwani BCA ; B.Ed ( Pursuing )
7 3 F Harleen Kaur Ajmani B.A ; M.A ( English ), B.Ed (Pursuing)
8 3 G Ambreen Farooqui B.A ; DRM, MA (English), B.Ed(Pursuing)
9 4 A Swati Gadkari BBA ; M. Com ; B. Ed
10 4 B Manbir Kaur B.Sc ; B. Ed
11 4 C Parul Sethi B.Com ; B.Ed
12 4 D Juhi Sharma B.Sc ; MBA ; M.A ( English ) ; B.Ed
13 4 E Abha Pandey MA, B.Ed,
14 4 F Mumtaz Khan B.Sc ; M.Sc ; B.Ed
15 Computer Shivangi Wadhwani BBA: MBA
16 Hindi Anubha Pathak B.Sc ; M.A ( Hindi(Pursuing ), Music , Modern History ) ; B.Ed
Jyoti Tiwari MA (Hindi), B.Ed