Date of Upload: 24th December, 2016

Primary Picnic

In real life, only diverse surroundings have the practical power of inducing a natural, continuous flow of life and use’. - Jane Jastin

The idea of a sandwich as a snack goes back to Roman times. Scandinavians perfected the technique with the Danish open – faced sandwich and Smørrebrød(Danish word for bread and butter). What better place to bite into this delicacy and feel it slide down the oesophagus than when you are on a picnic and enjoying the winter with the sun caressing your skin, gently.

One fine Saturday morning,24th December 2016 the children of Grades 1 and 2 of Billabong High, Bhopal embarked upon their newest adventure    ( and adventures they have in plentiful ), a picnic to ‘ SairSapata'.

Reaching the park by bus, well supplied with lunch, snacks etc, we were greeted by the cool wind blowing from over the lake and a freshness which only parks can lend these days in modern ‘smart’ cities.

First, we enjoyed some light snacks over some friendly banter sitting in small groups and then we played games. It was fun playing “dog and the bone,” “ladder and sticks” and of course the “hurdle race” which satiated the competitive spirit of the majority.

The wild swinging on the swings and tearing through the park at breakneck speed on the train were all experiences which we shall remember till eternity. The walk on the rickety bridge across the lake did have its FUNFILLED SHRIEKING moments.

By 1:30 pm, we were all a bit tired and ready to head back to school. The bus ride back was another occasion to share funny incidents, crack jokes and sing a few songs.

Keeping with the true traditions at Billabong High we kept the park free of any litter while coming back.

Tagline: Oh! What a lovely rare ‘ Sair’.
The heart asking for MORE is only ‘ fair’.

Grades: 1 and 2