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Investiture Ceremony held at Billabong High-Bhopal

The investiture’s ceremony for Billabong’s eleventh year marked another very important event in the school’s history. This red letter day that was witnessed by parents and signatories alike, was extremely significant for the student’s council and the students as well.

In a dignified ceremony conducted on the 25th of July the chief guest Mr. Padamvir Singh, the Director General for the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Good Governance and Political Analysis, addressed the crowd telling them and the members of this year’s council the importance of following and enforcing rules and regulations.

He highlighted the values that the youth of today should follow the path of honour, dignity and altruism. His wise words instilled in the council a sense of importance and a will to do their duty. As he bestowed upon the council members their badges and sashes and the newly elected council walked of stage, their badges gleaming in the light, one could clearly see the pride on the faces of the audience and the teachers.

As the council members marched elegantly to their places on the stage for the oath their words resounded the determination, sincerity and humility with which they would work telling one and all that they would do their very best.

The school captain was then bestowed with the school flag by the outgoing head boy Samyak Shami. In their maiden address to the school and council as the head boy and head girl both Gurwin Singh Sahni and Muneeza Ali Khan moved the audience with their resolute and strong promise to the best that they could in the capacity as the captains of the school.

The ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks. The student’s council marched ahead, their faces shining with happiness as they moved to immediately take office.