The initiative is to involve each student by initiating the program of “Birthday Vow”. In the birthday vow each student takes a vow to plant a tree when he joins the school, watches the tree grow with him, understands and records its CO2 sequestration potential and other environmental benefits and posts a selfie with the tree every year to the school. The school maintains the database of trees planted and the yearly selfies uploaded by the students / their parents. For privacy concerns the photographs will be visible inside the parents login ID on the school website. This login ID is the place where the school interacts daily with the parents about the curriculum and other administrative updates.

The objective of the strategy is to involve every student in the campaign. It also educates the child about a tree and its benefit and makes him realize how the tree grows along with the child and the effort that is required to make it happen. It also tells the child about the role of the trees in CO2 sequestration. The strategy also contributes to the reduction of CO2 by 15000 kg per year.

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