The strategy proposes to undertake bulk plantations. The bulk plantations will offset the carbon emission left over after the other initiatives trying to reduce the carbon emissions. In the initial years the school has tied up with owners who have undertaken commercial plantations to use the plantation owners’ sequestration rights for the school. The Compensatory Plantation will require the school to plant around 35000 trees of Bamboo on a land of 30 hectares.  The paper mills are willing to offer buy back agreements with the school. It has been projected that a commercial Bamboo plantation starts to give production from the 5th year of plantation and gives a break even on the investment after 6 years.

The School is evaluating two models of self-owned plantation or purchasing the CO2 sequestration rights from commercial plantation owners. The cost of procuring the rights or initial investment is less than the price of a burger every month, which in India will cost approximately INR 60.

In the interim stage the school has approached some owners of commercial plantations and who have committed the CO2 sequestration rights for the first two years to the school project, without taking any money. The school has up to now obtained the rights for a plantation with 3700 trees.

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