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Where Knowledge and fun come along.... such a land is Billabong
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Welcome to Billabong High
International School, Bhopal

A school which religiously engages in practising its mission, a school with a curriculum designed to evolve a whole new generation of 'Harbingers of Change', a school which concerns itself with the emotional comfort of children, a school which prompts a child to say, 'I want to go to school' – that is Billabong.

For children, Billabong is synonymous with 'fun learning' and is a platform to develop a multifaceted personality and a mind without fear. The teachers here are more like surrogate parents for children, who love to share every minute detail with them.

We at Billabong acknowledge individual differences and appreciate them at every step. We strive to make each child a complete human being, self confident, inquiring and tolerant who will be an asset to the society, nation and the world.

At Billabong, the faculty relentlessly pursues and promotes every child's active participation and involvement in the learning process with emphasis on contemporary values while at the same time giving due stress to our country's rich and varied heritage.


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