Students' Council

  • Bhavesh Dawani: If there is something no one can trump him at, it's captivating the attention of the masses. A natural leader, Bhavesh.
  • Saharsh Mittal: When Saharsh sets his eyes on a goal, there is nothing in the world that can stop him.

  • Aahna Rajan: With a strong sense of right and wrong, she never hesitates to call a spade a spade and stands up for what she thinks is just.

  • Isha Gadkari: Always chirpy and cheerful, Isha Gadkari is the friend we all wish to have.
  • Dhairyavaan Dhawan: To be a winner, one must plan to win, prepare to win and anticipate a win- Dhairyavaan has definitely, perpetually done so.
  • Afrah Sameer: She must be acknowledged for possessing the competence of saying a resounding ‘YES!’ to every challenge, whether it is literary, or related to academics or sports.
  • Amitesh Nandi: His ‘never-say-die’ spirit is an inspiration to many. Even when the going got tough, he never stopped to tend to his wounds.
  • Ziyad Khan: He isn’t afraid to be himself. He has the right blend of a modest yet strong persona.
  • Aditya Das: Charismatic and effortlessly poised, Aditya yet maintains the demeanour of a mature and responsible individual.
  • Syed Arsalaan Nadim: The more prominently he has been positioned, the more modestly he has walked.
  • Siddhant Rajoria: Siddhant Rajoria has undeniably proved that academics and sports can go hand-in-hand.
  • Isha Verma : An outstanding academic achiever and a teacher's favourite, she has a great affinity for fine arts and dance.
  • Tullio Benini: Inherently gregarious, charming, suave, he is sure to become popular because of his phenomenal singing skills. An exceptional artist, he has a rock band of his own, very aptly titled ‘NAMELESS’.
  • Aarya Shrivastava: A zealous player, Aarya Shrivastava is fanatical about sports, so fixated that she has shown herself to be merciless when it comes to performing on the field.
  • Kartikay Dutta: He has never failed to awe his mentors and continues to avidly pursue his ardour with immense zeal whilst balancing academics.
  • Arham Mohammad Khan: Arham Mohammad Khan, who believes not in leading the crowd but in walking with it.
  • Chinmay Dawar: In a lot of ways, Chinmay Dawar exemplifies still water: unruffled, composed, and tranquil.
  • Arya Shukla: A terrific orator, she isn’t afraid to coherently speak her mind, which indicates the ability to be a proficient leader.
  • Vibhuti Rao: Devoted to her House, faithful to her friends. Her sincerity and veracity, of course, set her apart.
  • Anushka Mehta: An enthusiastic and compassionate being, she believes that ‘the strength of her House is its people’.
  • Vaidik Lapalikar: Vaidik portrays action, energy, camaraderie, having a keen interest in ICT and Sciences.
  • Advaita Singh: Understanding the dignity and authority of a particular post is not an outcome of age. Advaita is that rare individual who was born with such a trait.
  • Tejaswati Singh: Having proved her mettle with her prolific writing skills, Tejaswati is indisputably the right choice as a member of the Editorial Board.
  • Chaitree Oswal: One succumbs to the power of her words as she effortlessly captures all of one’s senses.
  • Hera Dixit: The voice of reason, compassion and understanding.
  • Avani Mittal: The ability to empathise and then take action is another appreciable leadership trait that Avani is blessed with.

Saharsh Mittal

Aahna Rajan

Bhavesh Dawani

Isha Gadkari

Dhairyavaan Dhawan

Afrah Sameer

Amitesh Nandi

Ziyad Khan

Aditya Das

Syed Nadim

Siddhant Rajoriya

Isha Varma

Tullio Benini

Aarya Shrivastava

Kartikay Dutta

Arham Mohdkhan

Chinmay Dawar

Arya Shukla

Vibhuti Rao

Anushka Mehta

Vaidik Lapalikar

Advaita Singh

Tejasvati Singh

Chaitree Oswal

Hera Dixit

Avani Mittal