We teach theory in a practical way with enthusiasm.

Beyond Academics

Theme based Special days, Culminating Activities, Dress up Days, Events and Field Trips are organized on regular basis to help children recapitulate and have in depth understanding of the themes/concepts.


Kangaroo Kids, Bhopal is extremely vibrant and learner friendly. The Centre has excellent facilities to offer to its students and they are as follows:


Sand Play Area

Sand pit is quite colourful and beautifully designed for the preschoolers to play in sand and enjoy the company of their friends. Children are provided with toys/equipment like sand play moulds, spades, rake, small buckets, scoops etc to make play time more joyful.

Splash Pool

It is a circular pool with slides and stairs. Children are provided with pool toys like small colourful plastic boats, buckets, balls, watering cans and water wheels to share with their friends while playing in water. The new splash pool is under construction as of now.

Adventure Park

The park is equipped with swings, slides, see-saws and various gym equipment which are absolutely child friendly and safe.

Doll’s House

Doll’s House has beautifully painted walls, a kitchenette, a sofa set and a bed for the doll. Lot of soft toys are kept in the house for children to play with. Preschoolers visit the Doll’s House quite frequently as they love to play with the kitchen set or listen to the stories with their teachers.


The preschool library has ample age appropriate story books that are issued to children every Friday to take home. There are reference books also for teachers to use. Children visit library for read aloud sessions.


Class Rooms

There are in total 12 class rooms in preschool area. These class rooms are of four different types. The décor of each room is unique and apt for the activities that are held there.


Physical Development Room

The activities that are held in this room are art/craft/story time/ role play, perceptual motor programme, gross motor and music and movement. These activities help in the development of fine motor and gross motor skills of children.

Cooperative Learning Room

Activities held in this room are Activity Centres (math centre and language centr) , Activity Books and Hindi. Children learn to work in smaller and bigger groups.

Cognitive and Language Development Room

To encourage learning, problem solving and logical thinking, children are involved in the activities like Number Readiness and Class workbooks. Activities related with Reading Readiness are also conducted in this room and the purpose is to help children develop language skills through listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Social and Emotional Development Room

To achieve a sense of self, to take responsibility for self and others and to learn to behave pro socially, children are exposed to the activities like Informal Conversation, Circle Time, Concept and Sight Reading Programme in this room.