Life @ Billabong

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Billabong High

Students from middle school present and witness a debate before the school during every Monday morning assembly and the speakers are judged by skilled and experienced teachers. These routines makes debating fun and the children learn to, both accept different views on a topic, and present their own opinion.

Creative writing is the most important component of academics and most subjects deal with some sort of creative writing activities. The children are free to express their views on any given topic and are encouraged to aim for a masterpiece in all their attempts of creative writing.

These activities have enabled the children to enhance their vocabulary, public-speaking skills and individualism. The students have participated in a number of competitions like Frank Anthony Debating Competition, Model United Nations Conferences, and have earned accolades.

Billabong Debate Premier League

Billabong Debate Premier League (BDPL) is our new upcoming initiative where senior students mentor their capable juniors on their quest for achieving excellence in the fields of debating and elocution. Potential debaters from middle school have been taken under the wing by active high school debaters. This squad will undergo several competitions over after a period of extensive training.

Inter-House Debating

Three years ago billabong started inter-house debates, held annually. Many students have found their hidden talents in debating and creative writing through this and the school has played a catalyst role in enabling them to do so. Apart from this, we have also been an integral part of Inter-school debating with some of the other schools of Bhopal and Indore and have also organized superb inter-school competitions ourselves.

Model United Nations Conference

Model United Nations Conference (MUN) is an international conference similar to the United Nations in which students participate as delegates to various UN Committees. Participants research and formulate political positions based on the actual policies of the countries they represent. Our school represented India and 3 students received an honourable mention.

Frank Anthony Memorial English Debate

It is amongst the most prestigious inter-school, annual debate competitions organized at the zonal, state and national levels by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). Participants represent their schools and are divided into two groups, Group I for students of Grades XI and XII and Group II for students of Grades IX and X. Over 1,600 schools participate in the event each year.

Albert Barrow Creative Writing Competition

It is one of the most prestigious creative writing competitions organized by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) at the all India level. It has two categories, Category-I consists of Grades XI and XII and Category-II consists of Grades IX and X. The topics are challenging and all the participants need to showcase their writing skills.


Languages, especially English, have always been given great importance in Billabong High. Once we felt that there was a need to introduce new vocabulary to the children on a regular basis, we came up with an idea; that is what initiated the 'Word of the Day' concept. This had been introduced so as to add to everyone's vocabulary on an everyday basis. For every increasing level of difficulty (on the basis of grades) there was a tougher word on display. Periodic dictations were held in classes to help them remember the words they learned every day. Then, to build up the competitive spirit between children, we started an inter-class Spellathon. The response was great and thereafter we decided to take it a notch higher by making it an inter-House event. Seeing the success of inter-House Fest, we decided that Spellathon should go inter-school as an annual event.