Life @ Billabong

We train you to become an all rounder everywhere.

Billabong High


Many of our aspiring skaters have made their mark even at the state levels. They have to their credit many inter-school competitions.


Swimming has been an integral part of the SPA and swimmers from our school have exhibited some great performances and brought laurels too.

Art & Craft

With the importance of imagination, we ensure that all creative thoughts find an artistic expression through Art and Craft.


Theatrical performances are ensured for budding artists and students are trained by trainers for in-house staging and inter-school competitions.


Many of our young aspiring dancers have excelled in many interschool competitions - like the CMS, Lucknow. Dance has also strengthened our relationship with `Arushi`, an NGO which works for the welfare and betterment of specially-abled children. Our children are trained in Indian as well as Western dances.


Indian and Western Music, both Instrumental and Vocal, are part of the SPA, and are taught to learners by expert trainers.


Billabong has revolutionized the art of gymnastics. Malkham has newly been introduced and we are proud to amalgamate this Indian form to the international format of gymnastics.