Performing Arts

International schools bhopalBillabong has always believed in the holistic development of children. We set out to achieve this aim through SPA- Sports and Performing Arts. We offer an array of activities for students to choose from. Students in grades one to twelve get an opportunity to hone their talents in their chosen field at least once a week. SPA is the foremost way of recognizing talent in Billabong. Teachers are able to see for themselves how adept a child is in his/ her area of expertise. Our students learn to collaborate with each other and to function as a unit at a very early stage in life. The lessons of teamwork, empathy and a flare to achieve more are instilled into Billabongers through the frequent SPA periods.

The concept of SPA is in full sync with the beliefs and visions of KKEL: to promote and to support individual interests and inclinations. Students of grades one to four chose from skating, gymnastics, dance, theatre and art and craft. Essential activities such as swimming and speech and drama are a compulsion till grade four, enhancing the essential skills that can only be nurtured at this tender age. Grade five carves the way for students to have more flexibility and chose from a wider selection, adding the zest of Rock Band to the already balanced recipe of talent. Along with that, these young minds get to master the art of the Grand Piano and add a unique set to their growing talents.


The rollers give the kids the freedom and belief to feel as though they rule the earth and were meant to glide through it. Billabong understands that every person dreams and wishes to have the ability to spur wings and take flight; be it in real time or metaphysically through their achievements. Skating, apart from being a sport, is taught to individuals because of the incomparable joy that it so brings to them. It inculcates the qualities of balance and the spirit of healthy competition. Our young skaters love to experiment on the court and showcase their talent through various stunts.

Going by the Billabong moto "where knowledge and fun come along", many of our aspiring skaters have made their mark even at the state levels. They have to their credit many inter-school competitions.

Following their big dreams these small sportsmen seem to replicate "tiny tornadoes" as they give life to roller-skates speeding along the track. For years to come this constant site shall be visible in the fields of Billabong.


International schools bhopal"The little mermaid dives back into the pool and it is the beginning of another chapter." All of us love that story as much as we love being a part of it. A year after the school started and the pool was inaugurated, Billabong realised that it had been sheltering many aspiring swimmers.

Over the past years our students have mastered the art of diving and swimming in different styles. Their feet seem to be more accustomed to the touch of water than the feel of gravel. At any given day one would find many of these talented aquatic dancers performing styles breast- strokes, free-style, back flips and underground under the guidance and help of our swimming instructor. The touch of these young ones breathes life into the water molecules and watching them cut through the waves projects the finesse of the entire aquatic species in one go. The swimming pool allows students to let go of the bounds that restrain them and give way to their passion through the electric tranquillity of the deep blue.

For years ahead these aquatic artists shall be seen in the pool of Billabong High awing everyone with their bucket load of talent.

Art & Craft

To the students of Billabong High art is more than colouring inside the lines. For them, lines on paper done define the boundaries where colour can penetrate.And these boundaries, much like the ones in real life are constantly challenged by the Picassos of BHIS. Having the ability to use the paint brush with the valiantness of a mighty sword, the canvas witnesses the spectrum of emotions no less than that of a battle field. With hands being the royal roads from the unfathomable contriving state of an artist, we teach kids to give shape to their emotions via the means of colour. In the plain and perfectly "white" blankness of the canvas, that is reality, you might feel that you are as unhelpful as a white pestle in a box of bright colours. However, the white pestle`s importance is only realized by the painter who favours a black canvas.With the importance of imagination instilled in our hearts, we ensure that all creative thoughts find an artistic and healthy output. The brush strokes of our artists have the strength to run for miles, as long as fuels like originality and resourcefulness power their hands.


International schools bhopalBillabong high has played a vital role in bringing the dramatic streak of the students under the spot light. It has `unmasked` the `drama queen` in all the students by introducing theatre as an SPA.  The love for theatre has grown so much over the years that the pleasure with which the students go on the stage as another character is delightful. The understanding that the students show of their characters is awe inspiring. The stage has helped many Sherlocks and Romeoes showcase their acting skills. The stage has been a platform for many to move to crowds and project voyages, fights and romances throughout the course of time and history. The thunderous applause that echoes in every corridor of Billabong as one more successful actor leaves the stage, says it all.


The art of expression and one of the oldest forms of communication, "dance" as a form of art has been introduced to students since the very beginning of this institution. Other than being responsible for the `poised postures`, dance introduces grace and the beauty of soul to our young individuals.

Over the years our students have risen above and have brought the class-room activity to the stage. Many of our young aspiring dancers have excelled in many interschool competitions - like the CMS, Lucknow. Dance has also strengthened our relationship with `Arushi` a NGO which works for the welfare and betterment of specially abled children.

Our children are well versed with the Indian as well as Western cultures through dance. Kathak, bharatnatyam, hip-hop, free-style and contemporary are some of the dance forms that the students have mastered.


International schools bhopalThe sound of music has held the energy to float through every soul. Well aware of this quality of music as a form of art, Billabong has always accepted its beauty and importance. Over the years, Billabong has been home to many nightingales. Their captivating voices have mesmerised parents and audiences for quite some time.

Not only the throat, but their magical fingers have also played their tricks. Drums, Congo, guitar, synthesizer, flute and tabla are some of the instruments which, when fused together with these young artists, fill life into the auditorium. The sheer passion and love for music of all these "Mini- Mozarts" , is what `plucks` the strings of our hearts.


Introduced only 2 years ago, Billabong has revolutionized the art of gymnastics. Drifting away from the clich of rolling and jumping, Billabong has produced young gymnasts who love conquering the summits of Malkham polls. Malkham, an ancient art form runs in the blood of many of our young gymnasts who have left a mark at state levels. Teaching the art of balance and mental and physical equilibrium, gymnastics invariably plays a role in building strong individuals. It has newly been introduced and has already attracted so many "trapeze- artists", that the future of this art and exercise seems bright in this institution