Life @ Billabong

We train you to become an all rounder everywhere.

Billabong High


Going by the Billabong moto "where knowledge and fun come along", many of our aspiring skaters have made their mark even at the state levels. They have to their credit many inter-school competitions. Following their big dreams these small sportsmen seem to replicate "tiny tornadoes" as they give life to roller-skates speeding along the track.


Over the past years our students have mastered the art of diving and swimming in different styles. The swimming pool allows students to let go of the bounds that restrain them and give way to their passion through the electric tranquillity of the deep blue.

Art & Craft

To the students of Billabong High art is more than colouring inside the lines. With hands being the royal roads from the unfathomable contriving state of an artist, we teach kids to give shape to their emotions via the means of colour. With the importance of imagination instilled in our hearts, we ensure that all creative thoughts find an artistic and healthy output.


Billabong high has played a vital role in bringing the dramatic streak of the students under the spot light. The love for theatre has grown so much over the years that the pleasure with which the students go on the stage as another character is delightful. The understanding that the students show of their characters is awe inspiring.


Many of our young aspiring dancers have excelled in many interschool competitions - like the CMS, Lucknow. Dance has also strengthened our relationship with `Arushi` a NGO which works for the welfare and betterment of specially abled children. Our children are well versed with the Indian as well as Western cultures through dance.


Well aware of this quality of music as a form of art, Billabong has always accepted its beauty and importance. Drums, Congo, guitar, synthesizer, flute and tabla are some of the instruments which, when fused together with these young artists, fill life into the auditorium.


Billabong has revolutionized the art of gymnastics. Drifting away from the clich of rolling and jumping, Billabong has produced young gymnasts who love conquering the summits of Malkham polls. It has newly been introduced and has already attracted so many "trapeze- artists", that the future of this art and exercise seems bright in this institution.