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Billabong High

"Billabongers" have visited many orphanages, one of them being, Ummeed. There, they shared a sprinkle of sunshine to those flowers which adapted to grow on concrete. Weekly activities were planned by the student leaders and implemented by everyone who had the courage to lead their lives with kindness. While on these trips an overwhelming sense of gratitude would often surround the aura of these young learners, because crinkled smiles proved to be a reminder that the radiance of the stars is validated by the chilling darkness of the night.

The fact that we were able to witness and take a part in spreading an iota of joy in a person`s life empowered the soul to believe that thread with which our lives are connected can be spun to make a blanket of happiness. Dancing, laughing and playing with these tender hearts proved to us that it takes very little for the heart to be content. After these trips we had more to be thankful for and even more to look forward to because we knew that having our loved ones made us the kings of hearts in lifes deck of cards.

Many lives are lived while full filling the role of one. At one stage you live the life of a child, the other the teenager and soon you grow to be an adult. And before the grains of sand are flown down the hour glass, time takes hold of you and years compile on, weighing you down with all the experiences that create your silhouette across history. But the bitter truth of life is that at times those experiences are all you have left after the sun sets. Students of billabong, however, live with the faith that even the setting sun radiates enough light to set everything ablaze. Our trips to `Aasra`, the old age home, proved to us that throughout our voyage across time, the moments that really count are only the ones spent making others happy. That environment provided us with the platform to bring two generations together. Getting a peek inside their lives and sharing a part of ours with them generated the warmth within us, necessary to fight off the chill that reality sometimes shoots at us.It showed us the power of kind words and the might of an honest smile. We could break down the chains that tied down their hopes and replaced them with wings with the wing span to push back the negativity that tough hearts often voyage through.

The students of this institution are valiant enough to value life. And all life is sacred enough to hold the same importance as star dust. Therefore, getting in touch with the soil that harvests life on this planet was not a challenging task for these young cultivators. Throughout the years we have had entire groups dedicated to helping the forests and planting trees. Spreading awareness against deforestation and ozone depletion, our trend of saving the trees spread across like wildfire. The message was loud and clear, if we hear the echo of a tree falling, another one shall take its place before its cries die down. The school has always been a polythene free zone and with extra care taken to ensure the eco-friendly measures taken at every step, Billabong High is the place where it`s easy to be green.

Billabong High

It is essential that every school teaches it`s pupils the variety with which beauty presents itself throughout life. Volunteering at schools for kids with special needs provided us with the chance to interact with some of the most amazing people that we have ever met. We made loads of new friends; their smiling faces at the end of every day motivated us to take those trips again and again. The sanctum truth of the situation was that, being able to get up in the morning and knowing that we are blessed with the means to change the world, evoke a sense of self-actualization within us. And these were more educational than any theorem or formula that has ever been spoken in class.

Community service is one of the most valued parts of the mechanism at BHIS Bhopal. Teaching kids that the human being gains true knowledge by giving back to the world. Our heart finds happiness with every breathe that is taken with a sense of gratification. Morals are brushed and shaped in such a way that the thorns through the real world seem like nothing but a stepping ladder to the top. A responsible citizen, a kind person and an adroit human; the core of our morality is sparked because of the school`s effort to generate an understanding and nurturing soul within everyone. And so with every passing year, we create a set of citizens who are equipped to tackle the world with a bright smile and an arsenal full of hope.