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Junior sports meet 2015-2016

The fine morning of February 13th saw the young athletes of Billabong High waiting enthusiastically to make their parents proud of their achievements, but mind you not in academics this time instead on the sports field. The Junior Annual Sports Meet 2015-2016 held on Saturday 13th February for Pre-school and Primary saw the young kids salute Blitz which was their mascot this year.

Ms. Sujata Lakhani in her address welcomed the parents and the Chief Guest Ms. Lina Ashar Founder KKEL along with Guest of Honour, Ms. Girija - , Director, Mr. Arvindaakshan and Chairman, Mr. Najam Jamal. The program set pace with our chief guest, Founder KKEL, Ms. Lina Ashar, unfurling the school flag and declaring the Sports Meet Open.

The not so new recruitment in our set of SPA activities, Malkhamb, was seen gathering huge support from the audience as they automatically erupted in a huge round of applause on the first act itself.

The soft and soothing music was not only pleasing to the ears but also made us take a break from the fast pace of life and listen, observe, enjoy and absorb the music of life. Junior KG recreation races that reiterated on the theme had got parents so engrossed and excited that they desperately awaited the next performances.

The meet got more interesting as we moved on to the set of races. The children then grooved to the beats and expressed their dream of becoming responsible citizens of this country by following traffic rules. It was an insight of how much as adults contribute to noise pollution and ignorance towards the intricacies of traffic rules.  The Robotic drill our parent audience greatly enjoyed and encouraged our students and their aspirations with huge rounds of applause. The actual heat built up on the track with 75 metre races, relay races, cycle race and car race. While in the cycle race we saw the nascent love of speed brooding in the little Billabongers as their wheels went round on the Billabong ground. 

It was then time for the meet to be formally declared closed by the chief guest followed by the National Anthem. We finally came to the end of our fun filled, sporty morning leaving a gratifying smile on the face of one and all present there.