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Creative Writing Workshop conducted at BHIS

The Creative Writing Workshop was conducted on 17th August, 2015.For starters, it was conducted by this fabulous, entertaining and relatable person: Sarvshrest Singh. We were informed earlier that he is pursuing undergraduate studies in the United States.

He began by asking students about what one day they would like to write or reflect upon. The students were questioned about some of their personal favourite works of literature. After listening to varied responses, he spoke about some exceptionally striking books and why they are worth reading. 

Sarvshrest proceeded by introducing students to the term known as ‘Dialogue Traps’. He further provided with various examples to make it easier to comprehend and always spoke at a level that students could relate to. 'Exposition',' Hello/ Goodbye', 'On the Nose', 'Pulp Fiction Syndrome' and 'As you Know' were all classified as Dialogue Traps.

The workshop chiefly revolved around Dialogue Traps, many movies and books were enlisted as aides; making it quite amusing. Towards the end, each student was handed a sheet of paper to write a creative piece with on the 'Love Story between a Chalk and a Duster’.

The students walked out of a fabulously conducted workshop that bestowed them with invaluable knowledge.