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DCIM (Digital Citizenship and Internet Maturity) workshop

Accepting that usage of Internet in today's education is a necessity comes easily to most academic institutions. Taking the onus to teach its students to judiciously use this resource and conscientiously steer clear of the pitfalls and dangers associated with net-use, however calls for a different approach to education altogether which Billabong believes in and endorses.

Billabong High International School, Bhopal will be the first school in the country to certify DCIM (Digital Citizenship and Internet Maturity) in collaboration with and EdTechReview.

Most Indian students have no idea of what constitutes plagiarism, no clue of what Net-Etiquette ordains and are blissfully ignorant of what comprises Online Reputation. Handling the sheer volume and kind of content on the Net requires a maturity which few students are capable of demonstrating. DCIM is that tool which will enable children to boost their on-line communication skills enhance their on-line personality and practice on-line collaboration in preparation for future careers.

The first steps in this direction were initiated on Friday, 29th August through a workshop held for parents in the school conducted by no less eminent a personality than Mr. Raghu Pandey, who has authored a book on this same subject.