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Inter-school debate competition at Billabong High

The much awaited annual event hosted by Billabong High International School- “the Inter School Debate Competition” took place on 4th November, 2015. The battle of words and wits stimulated cogitative thinking and stoked passions of the participants on the one hand and left the audience stupefied by the sheer power of the silver tongue.

Seven of the city’s well known schools successfully participated in the competition. The competition included three categories A, B and C and two students from each school took part in each of the three categories. The topic allotted to Category A (grades 11 and 12) was “Indian media needs censorship.”

The topic allotted to category B (Grades 9 and 10) was “The youth today is insensitive towards environment conservation.”

Category C (grades 7 and 8) crossed swords on the topic “Social networking tends to be a nuisance.”

Following the format of the Frank Anthony Memorial National Debate, the topic was given to the participants just an hour prior to the event. Excitement, nervousness and determination writ large on the faces of the young debaters as they moved to the school library for an hour of brainstorming. They then moved to the M.P Hall, all set and prepared to prove their mettle before the panel of judges.

The notable jury comprised of Dr. Vivek Mishra, Prof. of Microbiology at Saifia College, Dr. Amita Singh, Nutrition Consultant at National Hospital and Dr.Noeen Khaliq, faculty member of the humanity’s Department at RGPV.

The eloquence and conviction with which the young debaters vocalized their arguments and their razor sharp presence of mind during the rebuttal round greatly impressed both the judges and audience.

The judges aforementioned it be a challenging task to adjudicate the speakers, for all of them were not only stupendous orators but were also updated with the current affairs (something lacking in the current generation), significant by the manner in which they backed up in their respective stands.

The event concluded with the presentation of trophies to the winners in different categories and souvenirs to the escort teachers.

Arya Shukla and Afrah Sameer of Billabong High bagged the position of the Best Speakers for and against the motion and Best Team in category C.

Priyal Gupta and Yashovardhan Maheshwari, also from Billabong High, clinched the title of the Best Speakers for and against the motion and also the Best Team in Category B.

Shreya Dewakar of Carmel Convent was adjudged the Best Speaker the category B.

The day ended on a note of satisfaction with pride and achievement clearly visible on the beaming countenance of every participant.