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Creative writing at BHIS

The Inter School Creative Writing competition was hosted by Billabong High International School, Bhopal.

The event generated a lot of excitement among the participating schools and could easily be discerned from the eager faces and animated body language of the participants as they queued in front of the Registration Desk.

A part from the regular participants like D.P.S, Carmel Convent and Campion, some other schools like Ryan International, Jawaharlal Nehru and Bal Bharti School took up the challenge this year. The competition was held in three categories A, B and C. Each participating school was represented by four participants in each of the three categories.

The topic given to Category A (grades 11 and 12) was “Freedom.’’ The winner is Shreya Diwakar from Carmel Convent and Runner Up – Vanshika Sabherwal from DPS (Neelbad).

Category B (grades 9 and 10) had to write on the topic “Incredible India.” The winner is Meghna Pradeep of DPS-Kolar and Samavi Shrivatava of DPS –Neelbad.

 “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” was the topic allotted to Category C (grades 7 and 8); winners are Arya Shukla and Afrah Sameer of Billabong High-Bhopal.

‘Reflection time’ of one hour was given to the students to brainstorm and organize their thoughts, following which the participants assiduously scripted their thoughts on paper within the time allotted for the task.

The object of the competition is not only to encourage ingenious thinking and honing the creativity of the children but also to revive and popularize the art and skill of writing among the techno friendly generation of today and protecting the purity of the English language from the onslaught of colloquial terms, contractions and slangs.