Alok kumar

I, Alok kumar, would like to inform you with immense pride and pleasure, that my son, Shreyansh, studying in 4B, has bagged a duo of two medals: a Gold and a Silver ,in “The 9th Open Bhopal Roller Skating Championship” under the able and meticulous guidance of COACH Mr. ANIL SIR.

He won the Gold medal in the Ring Race, while the Silver medal in the Road Race event.

His school teachers and coach deserve highest commendation for infusing enthusiasm in him that led to this eventual success.

Gratitude of a special kind goes to you, Principal Sir, for seasoning him, with each passing day. You have enhanced his skills with due support in just about every way which is thoroughly laudable.

Thank you all for the unstinted support and timely care extended to my son.

Yuvika Sadhwani

Our once-introvert child’s personality has bloomed open like a beautiful fragrant flower after being tended, by a lovely gardener in the form of a teacher like you.

Today was a big day for me, Ma'am: I really had tears of happiness in my eyes after watching Vinisha deliver the assigned dialogue without any fear whatsoever. It was the same kind of feeling as I had last year as I had never imagined my little Suhana doing the same in one go without fumbling. The entire credit goes to you, Rajul Ma'am and of course Vanshika Ma'am who put in her considerate and considerable efforts to thus empower both my daughters. Thanks a lot Ma'am! Congratulations also that 'our' preschool has been titled as one of the best pre-schools in M.P. You and the BHIS family deserve to be recognised thus....Blessed to be a part of BHIS, Bhopal.


Dr Maria Aziz, Director, Research & Clinical Trials, Texas,USA

I am glad to submit by first feedback for 2016 academic session of Grade-3.

I was very much delighted seeing the scores of Maryam.Her performance has significantly scaled up this year .I would like to personally thank Ms Sushma Rawat ,the lead class teacher for this session for her excellent supervision in all core areas of the curriculum and her special attention on Math.Maryam has learnt the skill of working up well with Math sheets with Mix sums without confusion .Your skills in Math have made number games interesting for my daughter.Her performance in Environmental Science was also outstanding.Her interest in practical aspect of Environmental science was highly notable.Credit goes to u Madam for creating her interest in the subject.

Harleen Madam & Amreen Madam ,I would like to thank you for your devoted hardwork in English language and literature .Maryam has this year showed fabulous manifestation in her understanding of word meanings and word placements in sentences.Her vocabulary has significantly improved.

Komal Madam thanks for working with the Matras of my daughter.Her Hindi proof writing has improved significantly.She has learnt to take her dictation without any errors.

Shilpa Madam,Many thanks indeed for teaching Applicative computer science in this era of technology .I have a special request for u ,could u please teach my daughter to email .How to compose an email and how to check the inbox.

Also a beautiful change that I noticed in my daughter was -this year she has started understanding her Academic score card and wants now to stand as the TOP GIRL of class .Her sense to achieve higher up on scale depicts the merits of her teachers .

Maryam told me Neeta,u r the coordinator for this session.I think when it comes to writing about u ,I would say ,Marvellous coordinator with Exceptional abilities on floor that Billabong could ever have.I appreciate ur administrative skills of keeping the whole team motivated with result oriented performance.

Thanks Sujata Madam,Namrata Madam,Sushma Madam for this Outstanding score card .I hope my daughter maintains ascending graph of success this year.

Thanks Sujata Madam for recruiting the best human resource of our town.I appreciate your skills in this regard .Performance of the child itself testifies the credentials of the teachers involved in this task.


Pier Luca & Silvia
Parents of AFS exchange programme student Tullio Benini

What a wonderful investiture ceremony 2016!
All the students were very happy!
All our relatives in Italy are proud of Tullio and express admiration for Billabong High Intl' School organization and style.

Vineet Kapoor (Police Trainer and Learning Expert)
Father of Kainaat Kapoor, (Sr KG student)

Our daughter has developed confidence, strong and amiable personality traits and social skills which are some of the best traits a school can inculcate in a child of KG. The focus on holistic learning and developing the personality of a child by making the child understand ‘self’ and to improve self is the correct approach in learning. I am glad the school and its highly professional teachers understand and implement this concept very well. This is the USP of the school and it is because of this now we remain hooked to the school.

Mr. Chaitanya Rathod
Father of Khushi Rathod, 3-F

We are very happy with Khushi's development, academics and sports. We think the school and most importantly the class teacher is responsible for this growth. Amazing Work! Appreciate it!

Dr Ashok Kumar
Father of Aditya Baranwal 2-G

We are very glad that Aditya is mentored by excellent teachers. We are thankful for the outstanding efforts of the teachers.

Dr. Maria Aziz
Mother of Mariam Waris, Sr. KG B

I would really appreciate the teaching skills of the teachers of Billabong High International School, Bhopal. Two noticeable features which I would personally like to highlight are:

  • Independent Home work doing abilities of kids with very little supervision.
  • Adjustment and adapting skills to changing environments.

These two developmental milestones are the prime requisite to face the rigor of today's competitive world.

Mrs. Jasmeet Walia
Mother of Nikash Walia, Grade 7

Mindspark programme is a great initiative. It is proving to be a kind of stimulus that works the best with this generation, the hi-tech medium of computers combined with the academic acceleration will prove to be a great interest booster for children at all levels. Nikash loves to push himself to do problems faster and get more 'sparkies and megasparkies' as the programme’s reward system, and looks forward to having the session every Tuesday.

Capt. (In) Manish Anand
Father of Sidhant and Nishcay Anand

An excellent school where Sidhant received positive encouragement. We have seen a dramatic transformation in his reading and writing skills, which was a weak area for him. Nishcay has gained in confidence ever since he joined Billabong. The excellent infrastructure, curriculum, teaching and administrative staff have contributed to his intellectual and social growth. We will Miss Billabong.

Mrs. Ashita Sharma
Mother of Neeyasa and Yash Sharma

Hope this finds you in the best of health and high spirits. My kids Yash and Neeyasa were studying in your school and I moved from Bhopal last year in 2012. It's almost going to be a year since we moved but we all miss the school too much. I have been thinking to write to you for a very long time. Yash had got admission in DPS, R.K. Puram at Delhi but he missed Billabong a lot and always says Billabong is the best. I just want to thank you and all the teachers for taking such good care of both Yash and Neeyasa and I completely take pride in saying that Billabong, Bhopal is undoubtedly one of the best schools. I hunted for many after moving out of Bhopal but couldn't find such loving and caring teachers. The methodology you have adopted, the way kids just love to be in the school. I do not have anyone else's email ID so I request you to kindly convey special thanks to Namrata Ma'am and all other teachers for instilling right values, education and confidence in both my children. All of you and Billabong Bhopal will remain very close to my heart forever.

I pray that one day it makes the entire Madhya Pradesh proud and set an example for all other schools in Bhopal to follow.

We miss Billabong a lot.

Mr. Richard White
Kanpur (Geography expert)

I, as a guest subject expert in Geography, have been to Billabong High on three occasions. The first was a challenge; the second an echo of the first but the third was dazzling. The kids were so bright, so electrified with the energy to learn that it enthused in me a spirit of great gratitude and accomplishment. India is fortunate that she has a will to change and Billabong High is the first step and the example to the rest of the country to bring about harmony and conduciveness to set an example for academic change. It is a school where magic transformation occurs daily and I sincerely wish that this school hits the World Academic Headlines one day. A great school, a great VISION.

Mrs. Monica Vijayvhargiya
Mother of Aahish Vijayvhargiya

From architecture to the classrooms, from co-ordinator to the teachers, from big LCDs to the preschool "Concept and Reading" all in all 10 out 10 to the preschool team.

Mrs. Naina Bhalla
Mother of Aryaman Bhalla, Grade 4

Aryaman has displayed the beauty of one of earth's most sacred flowers - Lotus. He possesses an amazing ability to flourish in varied circumstances with perseverance. May god bless all the enchanting flowers in the splendid garden of Billabong for making my child fresh and cheerful. I genuinely appreciate your dedication to make a gainful and a better tomorrow.

Lt. Col. T K Das
Father of Anushpa Das, Grade 5 and Nirupam Das, Grade 3

The way my kids have blossomed in your centre of excellence is way beyond expression. I am indebted to you. I am sanguine that in years to come Billabong High, Bhopal will have carved a niche for itself and will be a name to reckon in our country.

Mr. Shibu Thomas
Father of Abigail Shibu, Grade 4

I want to extend my thanks to Abigail’s teachers who worked hard and helped her to catch up with the rest of the class although she was slow to complete her work. Thanks for the encouragement and dedicated work.

Dr. Zakariya
Father of Zaid and Faiz Zakariya, Grade 6

I am amazed to see the depth of knowledge and extent of understanding my sons have mastered .Their concepts are so clear that they don’t need to memorize anything. Your school is unique that the children are led towards the vast expanse of learning in friendly and affectionate atmosphere .You left no stone unturned to mould their personalities and recognize their hidden talents. Books are not a burden for them. Instead children develop a love for learning and follow their lessons effortlessly. I am immensely grateful to the school and the dedicated, efficient and loving teachers.

Mrs. Shagun Lakhanpal
Mother of Nikhil Lakhanpal, Grade 6

As very rightly said by Mother Teresa "Joy is net of love with which you can catch souls". Billabong believes in it and implements it. My child never liked to go to school but since he has been here he does not want to miss anyday. The curriculum, activities, fun, studies, general awareness all are balanced and I am stress free.

Mrs. Harpreet Virk
Mother of Agam Virk, Grade 7

Thank you very much for helping Agam Virk in his difficult times and making him come up to a level that he is comfortable at school . I do believe that Agam and I fully support your education system for the over all development of children.

Mrs. Pallavee Dutta
Mother of Kartikay Dutta, Grade 4

Thank you teachers! Kartikay is really enjoying school and all my apprehensions about him moving to a new system - and that too mid - session - have been laid to rest. He has just the right balance of challenges and low pressure in class that we value so much. Thanks for doing an excellent job! P.S. I have always wanted to read Dr.Seuss-thanks for the opportunity!

Mr. Avnish Arnav
Father of Arnav Shrivastava, I-G

Arnav is learning very well in the school. The overall atmosphere of the class encourages him to expand his vision and the child tries to explore new things at home. That is the success of school’s systematic approach. I, specifically, want to thank the teacher who taught my child the lesson- SENSES.