Educational Trip to USA

Date of Upload: 10th June, 2017

Travel is probably the best form of learning as it exposes an individual to cultures other than his or her, helps to adapt to a globalized world, teaches real life lessons, effective time management, planning and organizing and much more.With this as the primary aim, BBH, in collaboration with Inizio Edutech, organised an international educational trip to USA in the month of June.

This 12-day program was designed to inspire, excite & motivate students and provide an opportunity for students to work together & gain and share knowledge. The highlight of the program was a trip to the NASA facility where students learnt about space activities, interacted with scientists and astronauts, performed simulated space shuttle missions, got an exclusive tour of Kennedy Space Center and witnessed the everyday challenges faced by the astronauts.The tour also included travel to Orlando, Washington, Niagara Falls & New York City. A visit to Universal Studios, Statue of Liberty, Times Square& Hershey’s Park made their tour enchanting and mesmerizing.

Students speak: Here is what some of our students have to say about the trip

Rajveer Singh: On our twelve day trip to the United States of America we made some amazing memories and friendships. It was interesting to go to a completely different time zone and we were so full of energy and excitement. At the Kennedy Space Centre we experienced the launch simulator and also had an interactive session with an astronaut where he shared his experiences. But the best part of the trip was to visit the Universal - Islands.

Maanasi Pidke: I’m home now. It finally sank in two days later, when I came back exhausted, but content…. with a box full of cherishable memories and award-worthy tales… moments I experienced on the trip would forever be a part of me, and I can proudly claim that I am a much learned person now, than I was before this adventure.

I loved it… Every part of it. And I would still jump at the very chance of going again, just to take it all in again, to experience and learn. And Grow. Because haven't you heard, the more you travel, the wiser you become??!!