Date of Upload: 29th July, 2017

Billabong High installed its Student Council for the session 2017-18 at an impressive Investiture Ceremony on 29 July, 2017 in the School Odeum. The 24 students comprising the Council stood proudly with their chests out and their heads held high whilst they took the oath, and marched off the stage with their badges gleaming and hearts racing, now council members in full.

The Investiture Ceremony concluded with speeches by the school captains, i.e. the Head Boy and Head Girl, Kabir Nawani and Priyal Gupta respectively. The speeches were both inspiring and fresh, and displayed their dedication towards the school and their responsibilities. The Chief Guest, decorated officer Maj Gen TPS Rawat, VSM**,congratulated the newly decorated council members and motivated them to place service before self.