Play it again...Mabel

Date of Upload: 18th July, 2017

The desire of the main character, Mabel, from the Grade 2 Literature book ‘Just Mabel’, to become a singer of repute, inspired the young learners of Grade 2 to know more about music. With this aim, a fun-filled musical session was organized by our own music coaches. They presented different genres- Classical, Blues, Jazz, Rap etc to the delight of the eager listeners.

There was an element of familiarity as each genre was played and yet there was a palpable ripple of excitement among the children as conventions of each genre were manoeuvred to include subtle variations which brought along with them an element of surprise. The coaches also introduced the children to a wide variety of musical instruments and rhythm and songs.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the one-of-a-kind experience and learnt how each genre contributed to the development of music as an art.