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Billabong High

Billabong has always taught me to maintain the right balance between academics and extracurricular activities. Moreover, the school was the place where I developed the confidence to explore my skills, a practice I continue till date. I have a degree in Kathak and over 9 years of experience in this dance form. However, in VIT I had to switch my dance style as there was no Kathak team. From initial difficulties in adapting to the dance form to winning various college fests from Mumbai to Pondicherry, I have evolved as a more versatile dancer. Currently I’m a Team Head at VIT Dance Club. Our team is also well recognized in South India. I’m also a core committee member at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Under this banner, I have organized various technical events, workshops and conferences.

I am associated with a funded research project on water purification which aims at fabrication and characterization of novel polymers for the removal of heavy metals from water. Apart from these, I was chosen as the Programme Representative of my branch, based on my academic performance for two consecutive years.

Diksha Tatte (2017)

Billabong High

I’m pursuing law at Nalsar University, Hyderabad. It was a challenging transition from my sheltered life at Billabong and at home to finding my feet in an alien city, but there’s no place I’d rather be than Nalsar. I’m most grateful for the different kind of education that I have access to at my law school. It is extremely interesting and at times shocking to study subaltern narratives of history and the current affairs, rather than just the popular discourses one generally has access to.

My most fulfilling experience at college was to be able to participate in protests by the youth against certain discriminatory laws, that led to widespread outrage all over the nation. It was empowering to know that I could contribute a little in the fight to protect the constitutional fabric of the nation. Studying law has also allowed me to gain practical knowledge and experience. In my three years at law school, I have interned with an NGO for women’s rights, a litigation firm and a senior counsel of the Supreme Court. In the future, I aim to specialise in a specific field of law and delve into the sphere of academia and legal research.

Aahna Rajan (2017)

Billabong High

I'm currently in my third year at Travancore Medical. My teachers and friends would describe me as an empathetic individual and would vouch for the fact that despite holding very strong views about life, I allow everyone their space and perceptions. One activity that remains close to my heart to date, was being granted the opportunity to be one of the interns at one of the student internship programmes held by the District Collectorate-Mission Trans 5, which aimed at increasing awareness around the LGBTI community residing in our district (Kollam), at the beginning of the 2nd year.

Billabong has provided an environment unlike any I've ever come across when it comes to nurturing a child's individuality and creativity. It has given me so many warm memories I'm always afraid I'll lose track. The teachers and students alike have played an immeasurable role in shaping me into the person I am, and who I further hope to be. Regardless of however many years pass, I don't think I will ever forget what it felt like to first walk into the school or the bittersweet moment we walked out of it as its students for the last time.

Simran Shaju (2017)

Billabong High

After graduating from BHIS, I attended De Montfort University in Leicester, to do BSc. Psychology (Hons). DMU has a gold standard in The Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF). TEF is a national exercise, introduced by the government in England. It assesses excellence in teaching at universities and colleges, and how each higher education provider ensures excellent outcomes for their students in terms of graduate-level employment or further study. A university is awarded the "Gold Standard" for delivering consistently outstanding teaching, learning and outcomes for its students. It’s of the highest quality found in the UK. DMU was also unique in its record of work for the public good, and belief that universities are uniquely placed to make a difference. This value underpinned their collaboration with the United Nations. Their new Strategic Plan showed how the university continues to use the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a prism through which to explore new and exciting possibilities in teaching, research and student support.

Through DMU I was able to not just excel in my academic journey but also enhance my global impact. I graduated with a First class honours degree classification, being in the top 3% of my cohort (of 160+ students). I also attended many international trips with DMU and got a chance to attend an international conference held at the Ming Chuan University in Taipei, Taiwan. I was also on their DMUGlobal trip to New York where we attended the UN's SD-17 conference at the United Nations Headquarters in New York and I was one of the participants who spoke at the UN. During my last year, I was the Course Representative for my entire cohort and attended weekly meetings with the entire teaching faculty (including the Dean of Psychology and Head of Health and Life Sciences) to present any issues students were facing and assist them in problem-solving collaboratively. The time I spent with DMU, not only enhanced my academic skills in psychology and research but also added to my abilities as an orator and team leader.

Currently, I am doing M.Sc. Applied Clinical Psychology from the University of Bath. It was ranked 6th overall in the UK and is ranked #3 for Psychology, just below The University of Cambridge. Getting the chance to qualify for and attend such a prestigious institution has been an honour in itself. Despite the academically intensive nature of my Masters programme, I have had the opportunity to engage in extracurricular activities. I am one of the Post Graduate Student Ambassadors. It is a paid role that allows me to plan and organise many of the outreach activities and campus events. One of my most memorable jobs as a PG ambassador was conducting an Instagram Takeover for the university. It was a live event with over 2000 viewers, where I answered questions and gave advice to new and prospective students about studying at UOB. I am currently working on my research project as a part of my Masters' dissertation on Eating Disorder pathologies and their interventions in men. I am really looking forward to my graduation in December and to keep progressing in my journey to become a clinical psychologist.

Aishwarya Chaudhary (2016)

Billabong High

I am currently a freshman at the University of St. Thomas, which is in Minnesota, USA where I am doing my undergraduate studies in Neuroscience. I am also working as a research assistant and am a part of the Ignite Scholars program under UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program). The research program requires extensive analysis and deep study. My mentor is writing a book and my job as his assistant is to read each and every chapter thoroughly, research and experiment on the topics he has picked, and finally, edit to give a final draft.

As a part of extra-curricular activity, I am an active member of a University podcast my friends and I are running. In the podcast, we invite guests to talk about various topics ranging from, as general as what music means to them, to as philosophical as to how they interpret the word 'Independence', and whether or not it should come with restraint. The members of the podcast are people from different faiths which helps us understand how the views of people from different cultures and religions vary on these general and complex topics.

I am also part of the Diversity Activity Board (DAB) and Student Diversity and Inclusion Services (SDIS) where I am a Linkages Mentor. My work concerns supporting people of colour and First-Generation Students and representing them at events or when a discrimination-related issue manifests.I am my University’s International Student Ambassador (ISA) which is another leadership position where I represent all the International students in my University, manage and host events and help them whenever they need me. As an alumna of Billabong High International School, I can proudly state that it is the place where I learnt to juggle academics with extra-curricular activities because of which my life now appears as a judicious blend of the two.

Isha Nitish Gadkari (2018)

Billabong High

I conducted research in the field of biochemical engineering as part of my major at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, (BITS) Pilani. Apart from my major, I developed an interest in the field of finance. I was also a member of the Dramatics Society of my college and have acted in a number of theatrical productions including stage plays as well as street plays. Being a cinema enthusiast, I took up several courses on film theory and film style in my college. I worked on a project dedicated to the study of the films of major French New Wave filmmakers like Philippe Garrel and Leos Carax.

I am currently working in JP Morgan's Chief Investment Office as a financial analyst. I graduated from BITS Pilani Goa Campus in 2020 with a BE (Hons) in Chemical Engineering and Minor in Finance. My research interests lie mainly in Finance and Economic Theory.

Saumya Nair (2015)

Billabong High

I am a proud alumna (Class of 2016) of Billabong High International School, Bhopal. I am currently in my senior year pursuing a degree in B.A. Economics at the University of British Columbia in Canada. While I left Billabong four years ago, Billabong lives in me every single day. From providing me with the best and most holistic education to instilling in me the confidence to conquer the world, Billabong has equipped me with the tools to take on any challenge with a smile.

At UBC, I am the recipient of the Arts International Student Scholarship 2019-2020, awarded to a select few students with the ability to make a scholarly contribution in their field. In 2019, I was one of the 30 students selected in the UBC Arts Department to present our research at the Arts Student Research and Writing Conference. I also serve as the Senior Economics Mentor for the Economics Student Association and the Managing Editor for the IONA Journal of Economics. Recently, I have published my own nonfiction research-based book titled Britain In My Backyard, which discusses the future of our globalized world.

Today, as I recount these achievements, I realize yet again that I would not be here if it was not for the unwavering support I received from my teachers and the entire Billabong family. Billabong provided me the stage to present my writing to a larger audience and always encouraged me to explore writing further. This school has been my strength every step of the way. The relationships I built here with my teachers, friends and the entire Billabong community, extend beyond the walls of the school and lend me strength in my darkest hours. I am beyond honoured to call Billabong High International School, Bhopal, my alma mater and hope that in the years to come I can continue to make Billabong proud.

Yumna Urfi (2016)

Billabong High

I’m currently in the process of getting my Private Pilot License (PPL) from Arizona, US. On completing this, I will pursue instrument rating and then finally graduate to Commercial Pilot Training. I’ve recently developed a liking for aerobatic and recreational flying in Arizona and I look forward to learning some of it in the latter stage of my training.

Syed Anas Ali (2016)

Billabong High

Member of Robotics club, Aerospace club, and Computer Science club. Work on software for kiosks in Brigman women's hospital in Boston.

Treksh Marwaha (2016)
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester
Robotics engineering and computer science double major (RBE and CS)

Billabong High

In my first year, I was a member of the Inter-Delhi University winning football team of college. This was the first time the college won/lifted this particular trophy in its otherwise rich history. I plan to continue playing throughout the course of my 3-year degree hoping to emulate my past performances.

Harshvardhan Rastogi (2016)

Billabong High

I am a powertrain engineer and an automobile designer at Inspired Karters (Formula Student Racing team), which represented BITS (Pilani) at Formula Bharat and secured overall rank 13. The team represented India at Formula Student Hungary and Formula Student Italy too. Apart from that, I am an active member at ASME (American society of Mechanical Engineers), HOD of Physics, and COO at Vista league coaching classes. I am also involved in many design oriented projects. An All India rank under 400 in NCHMCT opened doors to India's best hotel management college, IHM Pusa (Delhi) for me. I also secured rank 3086 in IIT JEE Advanced 2017, which gave me admission to tier 1 engineering colleges like IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, IIT Kharagpur. I can’t thank enough Ashish Sir (Principal), Manish Sir (Chemistry), Samina Ma'am (Curriculum Director), Rahul Sir (Mathematics) and other faculty members at Billabong High for making me realise my dreams.

Sarthak Bansal (2016)

Billabong High

Hello! I am Atharva Korde, an alumnus of Billabong High International School Bhopal (Class of 2016). I am currently in Sophomore Year, pursuing BA (Research) History from Shiv Nadar University. The values that I learned and the co-curricular activities that I did during my school years have helped me in a way that I am able to execute things on a greater platform. In my university, I am a part of the Counselling Services where we look after the first years and guide them throughout their term. It is not restricted to the first years only; we are also trained under professional psychiatrists who help us guide other students on campus as well. Recently I was elected as the Class Representative for the Departments of History and Sociology (51 students). I am also a part of a society called AURA which has adopted a government school in Dadri. We go to this school every Saturday and teach various subjects to the underprivileged students. Sometimes we invite them to our university where we organise talent shows, movie screenings and many competitions. I have always evinced keen interest in music. I am a member of Snuphoria – The Music Society of Shiv Nadar University. My school always supported my music that encouraged me to continue my training in Hindustani Classical. In the Music Society, we have formed a band named Masala Chai and have performed at places such as Delhi University, Ashoka University etc. I am grateful to my teachers who gave me the instruments to join the orchestra of the world. Currently, I am working for our annual fest ‘Breeze’. I am part of the Organising Committee where I am heading the Accommodation Team. Our writing skills were very well monitored and groomed in the school because of which I could be a part of the content writing team of Gramiksha (NGO). It was a work from home internship where we focused on social media marketing. As far as academics are considered, there are very few schools that focus on a stream like Humanities. History has always been my favourite subject but I hesitated a bit when I had to choose between Economics and History but my parents and teachers pushed me to pursue something that I loved. I have gone through so many different stages, changing ideas and goals while searching for the right kind of life for me during my days in Billabong. Now that I know what I am doing and where I am going I can only show Billabong my extreme appreciation for its support by being true to all the ideals and values that it taught me.

Atharva Korde (2016)

Billabong High

Studying law has helped me understand society better, it allows me look at things from a new perspective - an integrated course like BA.LLB. (Hons.) has students studying political science theories while analysing the current Indian criminal law system- a fascinating blend.

As part of law college extra-curricular, we have ‘moot courts’ – mock court scenarios where students are given a legal and factual matrix, and they defend their clients in front of panels of esteemed judges and academicians. I have taken part in international law moot courts, wherein countries are our clients, and we deal with fluctuating international laws. I’ve participated in debates and am the Quiz Secretary of my college, and a member of the Law Review Board.

I’ve interned with NGOs and women’s rights lawyers, along with continuing my passion for foreign languages - I’m now well versed in Japanese and Spanish.

NLIU neighbours the small village of Mendori, and I tutor students at a local school there. NLIU recently witnessed a remarkable, peaceful, student led protest against the tyrannical administration, which the Chief Justice of Madhya Pradesh took cognizance of, and I helped organize this protest, contributing to the media wing by giving live interviews etc.

Iravati Singh (2015)

Billabong High

I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in International Relations from the University of Southern California, where I was a Resident Assistant, member of a leadership fraternity, and a public speaking teaching volunteer, among other things. I now work at a feminist, intersectional, and rights-based organization in New Delhi called The YP Foundation (TYPF). At TYPF, I am the Program Coordinator for the Safe Abortions For Everyone (SAFE) Programme which is aimed at research and advocacy on abortion stigma among young people in India. I am also an Advisory Committee Member and the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Associate at the Youth Leadership Hub for HCD Exchange, an organisation working at the intersection of human-centred design and adolescent sexual and reproductive health.  

Ipsa Agnani (2015)

Billabong High

I am the Lead Analyst of the Finance Society and Treasurer of the Astronomy Society in college. In addition to that, I am part of a team that is initiating a programme that collects all the leftover food from the college canteens and passes it on to the homeless. I currently teach microeconomics to the undergraduates in college. On a personal level to pursue my interests I am part of the equestrian club and a research community that competes in research challenges across Ireland.

Jigisha Verma (2014)