Learner – Centric approach is a vital component of all programs and all our programs are created keeping students’ interest in mind.


Field Trips & Guest Lectures

Children learn best through direct experiences as they connect their learning to the ‘real world’.

Field trip and guest lectures are linked to concepts across all subjects.

We help learners learn more effectively by creating episodic memories; taking theoretical concepts out of learning centres to observe and experience its application in the surroundings or guest lectures by experts in individual fields to provide an infight into the practical worlds of the disciplines learnt in the classrooms.

Special events

Special events showcase and extend children’s learning. These provide an opportunity for parental involvement and are a critical tool for creating ‘episodic memory’ – memory created through sights, sounds, smells, tastes, touch, location and emotions.

Role of teacher/facilitator

Facilitators provide opportunities for students to learn key concepts and discover the tools that they need for learning so that they can become life - long learners. Being creators of productive classroom environments they engage, lead, inspire, & encourage the students.

Parents as partners

We work together to make learning experiences effective, meaningful and joyful.

Implicit Curriculum

We believe that values cannot be ‘taught’ to children. Explicit and formal curriculum consist of activities and worksheets that teach knowledge and skills to children. Our plans and worksheets include implicit academic, social and cultural messages for children which are captured as an integrated element in regular academics. Reflection is an integral component in Literature worksheets as this subject develops one's perspective to look at things deeply and intensely.

Home Extensions

Home extension tasks develop ‘Habits of Success’.

Time Management Responsibility Independence Creativity
Reflection Resourcefulness Collaboration
Having an internal locus of control for learning