Learning Environment

Research shows that the brain actually lights up after a short episode of movement, and neural pathways become more speedy and efficient. Our learning centres allow movement and in-depth understanding of concepts through all modalities of learning. The safe, secure and stimulus – rich environment is responsive to the child’s learning needs.

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Learning becomes more effective when it is combined with activity and fun. Children learn when they see goodness around them (Inspiration) as well as when they analyse the world around them (Introspection). That is why knowledge combined with activity and interaction ensures superior and long-lasting erudition.

Our Curriculum Methodology

One size doesn’t fit all, it is important to accommodate all individual learners, providing them opportunities to grow at their own pace and optimise their inherent potential.


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Our instructional design and subject matter experts in the field of neuroscience maintain that as we enter the 21st century, our learner pattern needs to be dynamic and evolving, incorporating the needs of the society and the learner.


Underlying Principles of Our Curriculum


Teachers as Facilitators

Facilitators provide opportunities for students to learn key concepts and discover the tools that they need for learning so that they can become life - long learners. Being creators of productive classroom environments they engage, lead, inspire, & encourage the students.

Parents as Partners

We work together to make learning experiences effective, meaningful and joyful. Parents take a keen interest in the child's learning curve through collaborative efforts and open dialogue.

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Implicit Curriculum

We believe that values cannot be ‘taught’ to children. Explicit and formal curriculum consist of activities and worksheets that teach knowledge and skills to children. Our plans and worksheets include implicit academic, social and cultural messages for children which are captured as an integrated element in regular academics. Reflection is an integral component in Literature worksheets as this subject develops one's perspective to look at things deeply and intensely.

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Home Extension

Home extension tasks develop ‘Habits of Success’.

  • Time Management
  • Responsibility
  • Independence
  • Creativity
  • Reflection
  • Resourcefulness
  • Collaboration
  • Having an internal locus of control for learning

Special Events and Activities

With a wide variety of activities offered under Clubs and SPA, the students get an opportunity to hone their personality by pursuing their favourite sport or activity consistently. Special events like the Annual Concert, Sports Day, and Inter-house events are a great space for them to showcase the skills attained across these activities and interests, adding to their overall personality development.

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Experiential learning in the form of workshops for Middle Schoolers are conducted in the areas of understanding puberty, breaking stereotypical gender roles, and building self-awareness. Workshops on Puberty and Gender Equality aim at providing students with a conducive environment to question taboos, myths, and existing gender roles while Self-awareness modules help children identify their own beliefs, values, and motivations in relation to others, identify their stressors and how they react to them and enact everyday strategies.

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