It is undeniable that sports play a major role in the physical as well as all-round development of children. Thus, not only do we help our students excel academically, but also encourage them to achieve extra-curricular stardom.

At Billabong High International School, Bhopal we believe in building a culture that cultivates the spirit of sportsmanship. A culture that evokes a sense of respect for the rights of others. Children learn to collaborate, be effective team players, and better their performances, as well as aspire for victory within the parameters of accepted rules. BHIS offers children a mix of activities around the year to develop the various aspects of a child’s personality and physical well-being. Students have the opportunity to explore a range of activities offered under the umbrella of Sports and Performing Arts (SPA). In addition to that, our expert faculty of sports and performing arts identifies every child’s aptitude and assigns them a club activity, which hones their skills while keeping them motivated.

BHIS is committed to shaping and sharpening student athletes by providing them with a platform for displaying their growth and abilities.