Emergency Alerts

For reasons purely beyond our control, emergency alerts being sent from the school through SMS are not reaching parents at times. All such emergency announcements are uploaded on the school website as a matter of course and sent as ‘Notifications’ on the school portal.

In case of unforeseen weather conditions, any last minute announcements from the government, administration, or any such unpredictable contingency or whenever in doubt, parents may kindly visit the school website and check on the ‘Alerts’ link on Home page.

Emergency Closing

  • In case of any civil disturbance, or an emergency, do not send your child to school.
  • Should an emergency situation occur during school hours, the students will remain on campus.
  • Students will be handed over only to a parent / guardian / person carrying valid bearer cards.
  • Please contact the school authorities for a Communication matrix in times of Emergency.

Building Security

Security of children is one of the top most priorities for us. We appoint security guards from well known registered agencies. A well trained security guard is posted at the school gate at all times. The guard is also trained by the school authorities in order to familiarise him/her with the Kangaroo Kids rules and regulations.

Fire Drill

  • A fire drill will be conducted on a regular basis to ensure speedy evacuation of all children in case of an emergency.
  • A chart showing the route to be followed in emergency will be displayed on all floors.

Bus Tracking Security

School transport security refers to measures taken by a school system to keep our students and staff safe, to protect the carrier's equipment, and to make sure other violations do not occur. This includes the enforcement of collector’s order wherein each and every bus id GIS enabled and can be tracked by the parents using login id and password.

School Bus Surveillance System

BHIS offers an effective method to “keep an eye on your child” even when he or she is traveling on the school bus. The school bus camera system, which is set up in the school bus to efficiently monitor the wellbeing of children inside the bus.

Another benefit of setting up cameras is to monitor the driver’s performance. Cases such as rash driving, improper conduct or other unwanted activities inside the bus can be easily captured using the cameras and right action can be taken based on rock solid evidence obtained from the camera feed.