Community Services is an initiative that projects a very clear message to the world: Your desire to be a part of something bigger is not a reflection of where you come from, its rooted in your soul, that lives to value the existence of creatures- be it animate or inanimate ones, andthat every student should grow up to be a compassionate human being.

The students of Billabong High have time and again visited many orphanages, one of them being, 'Ummeed'. Weekly activities were planned by the student leaders and implemented by everyone.Our trips to 'Aasra', the old age home, provided us with the platform to bring two generations together; getting a peek inside their lives and sharing a part of ours with theirs.

Throughout the years, we have had entire groups dedicated to helping the forests and planting trees. Spreading awareness against deforestation and ozone depletion,and many other eco-friendly measures are taken at every step.